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Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Here you will find everything you need! We are a peaceful place but our students like to cause some drama every now and then. So come check us out! We are loving group and would love new people. We are a Disney and Dreamworks based rp.

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Tinkerbell “Tink” Fiera - 7th - Slytherin - Fairy - Britt Robertson

Tink may appear 17, but in fairy years she is much older. She’s lost count of course. Living in Wonderland does that to you. She was lonely in that world, though, made to feel like she didn’t belong since the day she was born. She was born the daughter of the king and queen of the fairies. But, when her parents discovered she was destined to become a lowly tinker, they saw her as an embarrassment to the royal family and disowned her. After that, she never fit in. The other fairies bullied her relentlessly for being unwanted and unneeded. For this reason, she craved attention and got jealous very easily. 

It was an odd day when she saw a boy appear in her land. Little did she know that she was the very product of this boy’s imagination, an inhabitant of a world he created to escape his own reality. Still, she was intrigued by him so she followed him around for a while, but once she got close to him she was sucked back into his world with him. She would see Wonderland no more. For days she would try and get his attention. He never saw her… until she made her light bright enough for him to finally see her.

After that he took her in, and treated her like one of his own. He taught her how to speak in the human language. They grew very close. She was the one who convinced him that Wonderland was real and reminded him whenever he began to doubt it. No one but the boy could see or hear her which only added to his father’s suspicions of his son’s madness whenever the two would talk. Then one day his father took him away to an asylum and she lost him. She looked everywhere but she never found him. Instead she stumbled across Hogwarts. They made a fairy hut for her to live in and two years later she was re-united with Luca Cheshire.