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Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Here you will find everything you need! We are a peaceful place but our students like to cause some drama every now and then. So come check us out! We are loving group and would love new people. We are a Disney and Dreamworks based rp.

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Just letting y’all know I’m online. Come apply. Say something stupid. Touch some internet butts. Start a firefight. Go wild. I’ll just sit here waiting for something to happen.

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"I'm going to miss you, Genie."
R.I.P. Robin Williams

While i know we are a Rp blog i feel that i should still reblog this. 

Alice Elizabeth Liddell - 5th year - Hufflepuff - Pureblood - Mia Wasikowska

Alice was always a sweet and innocent young girl. She was prim, proper, and excelled in her studies. She was the perfect little pureblood lady, just as her parents wanted her to be. They were constantly telling her how she was just as perfect as her sister and she would be married off with no problem just like Margaret. The only problem was, she wasn’t as perfect as they made her out to be. She was far too curious for her own good, they thought. Well past her years of make believe she continued to hold tea parties with imaginary friends. Her parents weren’t too keen on her little fantasies. If she was mental, then she was flawed in their eyes and they wouldn’t be able to marry her off.

When she came to Hogwarts she met a young boy named Luca Cheshire with radical ideas about a little place he called Wonderland. Another dreamer, she originally thought, but soon she realized it was far more than that. He taught her to accept her madness. Soon she even became convinced that Wonderland was real and wanted nothing more than to go there. 

That was when the troubles began.

Once her parents heard of this new world she was trying so hard to find they became convinced she was mad. When she was 15, they yanked her out of school realizing that she was getting a reputation of being quite mental and they placed her in St. Mungo’s for the entirety of her fifth year in hopes of curing her.

At 16 Alice was just recently proclaimed officially healed and allowed to return to school for the 5th year that she missed, which explains why she is now a year older than the rest of her year. Her parents are quite proud of themselves for having managed to cure their flawed youngest daughter but what they don’t realize is Alice still sees all of her child hood “imaginary” friends she has simply learned not to speak with them unless in complete privacy. And she still dreams of one day finding the door to Wonderland. Now that she’s returned to Hogwarts there’s only one person she wants to find - Luca Cheshire, she believes he is her key to getting into Wonderland. Unlike her parents Alice no longer minds being dubbed mad.

So i have an eye doctors appointment in a few so whenever i get to my boyfriends after that i will finish the graphics and post it! I hope you guys are excited!! Come apply the plot will be fun!

~ Mallory

Hey guys,

So it’s 3:30 am here and I just thought I’d stop by and be my stupid useless self and let y’all know that I might be changing my FC to Eva Green if I find myself considerably less lazy about doing gif hunts. So yeah… Let’s see… any other “announcements”? COME APPLY. 

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lalala Soooooo morning everyone! I put in my two weeks at one job and got more hours at me other! So i will be on most mornings now!! I work nights at my job so send me things in the morning! I’m not sure when Jean or Indu will be on but you can count on me being on in the mornings. So, Send apps, questions, comments, whichever!!

Before work today i will be working on graphics for our new side plot. So that will be out either tonight or tomorrow. If you are interested in joining and would like to know the side plot before joining I will be happy to tell you what it is about without giving to much away..gotta have some mystery to it (;


Hello everyone! Sorry for the inactivity! But we are back and here with a side plot idea! I dont work tomorrow so i will work on it and detail it out and make it nice for you guys :D It will be fun and something different! Come apply and join us in the fun to come!


Sorry i havent been on guys! I had family in town then I got a really bad sunburn. but i am back now!! So send things :D


Hello everyone just letting you know that Indu and I are online to take questions,apps, anything!


Hey,Hi,Hello everyone! I will be on for a few hours today before i go to work so please send in all the asks, apps and anything else you want!


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