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Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Here you will find everything you need! We are a peaceful place but our students like to cause some drama every now and then. So come check us out! We are loving group and would love new people. We are a Disney and Dreamworks based rp.

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Anonymous said:
wish this rp wasnt so inactive have you thought of revamping it

I wish it wasn’t so inactive either! However, this week is the first week of classes for me and admin Jean and we spent the weekend moving back onto campus. Also so far we only really have 3 active members so it’s hard to stay active when not many people are in the RP.

We would love for more people to join so it can be active more often. And also the new (side) plot that was posted a couple weeks ago was made so that the RP can steer towards getting revamped.


-Admin Indu


Turning in for the night. Goodnight everybody, Admin J out! <3


Admin Jean signing on, here to accept questions and apps. I’m personally partial to Wonderland characters, but we’d love to have anyone!


Admin Mallory online and awaiting for questions,applications or character requests. we could use a Oogie or a Peter Pan


Hey just letting y’all know I’m online if you need me! We’ve been more active as of yesterday and we’ll try to keep it up until the beginning of school, but inevitably things will probably start winding down around then and we’ll eventually go on hiatus until the next break. But nevertheless come apply, we’d be thrilled to have you!



P.S. As you can see I’ve changed my FC again, this is the last time, I promise.

When Sally  heard Luca was out of the Room Of Requirement but had lost this memory she new just the potion to help him. So, in secret, she started working on a potion that could save him and return his memories. She didn’t tell anyone, not her brother or her bestfriend. She knew they would stop her. When the time came to finish the potion she snuck into his room and offered him the potion. As she was explaining the potion it slipped from her grasp and shattered on the floor. A strange pink fog took over the school and soon rendered everyone powerless. Sally took the blame and promised she would fix the problem. But where would the girl start?

Eventually the Ministry found out what happened and came up with their own idea. They would put them in a muggle town. Let them live as muggles. But when they thought about it, it wouldn’t be right. Letting cannibals, banshees, half dragons, fairies, and a cheshire into the muggle world would be insane. Not to mention what the muggles would think of them. So they made an asylum for them.

But, to keep the people of Hogwarts from knowing of the asylum, the Ministry disguised it as a town. And the “muggles”of the town were really the asylum staff, witches and wizards that were trained for this stuff. In secret the staff analyzes everyone and diagnoses them with mental diseases ranging from psychopathy to OCD. But they also sneak them meds and try their hardest to act like muggles.

Karina Heart (Alison Cheshire) - Alchemy Professor - Slytherin - Pureblood - Audrey Hepburn

Alison Cheshire was a very powerful witch and the loving mother of a young boy named Luca Cheshire, who saw the world a little differently than some. She knew her son was a brilliant child who’s eyes would be forever filled with wonder and that one day he would do great things for their world and his. Her muggle husband, Victor, on the other hand saw the strange boy as no more than mad and became determined to send him off to an asylum. Overtime he had come to fear Alison and Luca’s powers and wanted nothing more than to separate them from each other. Finally one night Victor granted his own wish. After a fight with Alison over their son, he forced Luca out of his room and dragged him to the car. Though Alison was a powerful witch she knew fighting Victor would only put Luca in more danger. So she said her goodbyes, leaving him with one final message he would remember for the rest of his life.

After Luca was taken away from her Alison became vengeful towards Victor for separating her and her son. In a fit of anger Alison used her magic against Victor, something she promised him she’d never do. This enraged him and that night, while she was sleeping, he chopped off her head with a meat cleaver.

When Luca got the news of his mother’s death he apparated out of the asylum and killed his father. Then he brought his mother’s remains to Wonderland where she could live again. His intentions were for her to become the queen and guardian of Wonderland, a just and fair ruler over her kingdom. But the body Alison had died in was filled with anger and resentment and when she awoke in Wonderland she was selfish and hateful. When she woke her memories of Luca had been twisted to make her believe he was the cause of her death. She had become the Queen of Hearts. Her goals were simple: to gain as much power over Wonderland as possible and to find and kill Luca Cheshire.

So when she heard the door to Wonderland had been opened at Hogwarts, Alison found her way out and got herself a job at her former son’s school. Now she teaches Alchemy at Hogwarts under the name of Karina Hart and while she appears to be a helpful, kind, even great teacher she’s is merely waiting for the opportune moment to get her revenge. And she will not stop until Luca is executed the same way she was… off with his head.

Just finished the bio for the Queen of Hearts (my tags aren’t working so I’m going to re-post it), I’m in an active mood lately so there will probably be more bios to come. Come apply!


Soooooo I deeply apologize for the inactivity from me. I went from 2 jobs to one so the other job started working me more. I only ever had two days off and i was spending those days with my boyfriend. And when i wasnt at work i was sleeping before i went and right when i got home. and so I kind of forgot the existence of the internet. But! I will be getting more days off now and i will starting bringing my laptop to my boyfriends. I am almost finished with the graphics for the new side plot so i will as active as i possibly can!

Hello! Sorry I’ve been pretty absent this past week, a close friend of mine who I haven’t seen in a year came to stay at my house, as well as some friends from college came to visit, so I was pretty busy. I apologize for not making a hiatus post!


I’m going out of town this weekend, but I’ll be more active bit by bit starting next week (although I need to start getting ready to head back to school that week haha)

-Admin Indu

Just letting y’all know I’m online. Come apply. Say something stupid. Touch some internet butts. Start a firefight. Go wild. I’ll just sit here waiting for something to happen.

~ Jean


"I'm going to miss you, Genie."
R.I.P. Robin Williams

While i know we are a Rp blog i feel that i should still reblog this. 

Alice Elizabeth Liddell - 5th year - Hufflepuff - Pureblood - Mia Wasikowska

Alice was always a sweet and innocent young girl. She was prim, proper, and excelled in her studies. She was the perfect little pureblood lady, just as her parents wanted her to be. They were constantly telling her how she was just as perfect as her sister and she would be married off with no problem just like Margaret. The only problem was, she wasn’t as perfect as they made her out to be. She was far too curious for her own good, they thought. Well past her years of make believe she continued to hold tea parties with imaginary friends. Her parents weren’t too keen on her little fantasies. If she was mental, then she was flawed in their eyes and they wouldn’t be able to marry her off.

When she came to Hogwarts she met a young boy named Luca Cheshire with radical ideas about a little place he called Wonderland. Another dreamer, she originally thought, but soon she realized it was far more than that. He taught her to accept her madness. Soon she even became convinced that Wonderland was real and wanted nothing more than to go there. 

That was when the troubles began.

Once her parents heard of this new world she was trying so hard to find they became convinced she was mad. When she was 15, they yanked her out of school realizing that she was getting a reputation of being quite mental and they placed her in St. Mungo’s for the entirety of her fifth year in hopes of curing her.

At 16 Alice was just recently proclaimed officially healed and allowed to return to school for the 5th year that she missed, which explains why she is now a year older than the rest of her year. Her parents are quite proud of themselves for having managed to cure their flawed youngest daughter but what they don’t realize is Alice still sees all of her child hood “imaginary” friends she has simply learned not to speak with them unless in complete privacy. And she still dreams of one day finding the door to Wonderland. Now that she’s returned to Hogwarts there’s only one person she wants to find - Luca Cheshire, she believes he is her key to getting into Wonderland. Unlike her parents Alice no longer minds being dubbed mad.

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